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Neoplastic meningitis is a fatal disease caused by neoplastic involvement of CSF and leptomeninges.

Only few data are available on the efficacy of different treatment modes. Different primary neoplasms and stages of diesease make it difficult to compare treatment results. is a network using a registry to document cases of neoplastic meningitis. Large numbers of documented cases will enable to analyse subgroups with comparable prognostic factors and to draw conclusions on the efficacy and undesired effects of intrathecal and systemic chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


Access and registration with usual web browsers via

Regulatory aspects

The registry complies with the highest standards of security of data all regulations concerning pseudonymisation and is approved by ethics committee and data protection official.


The registry is for scientific purposes only. Each participant has full access to his data. Predefined reports allow for automated real-time analysis of relevant parameters, i.e. overall survival. Data from the entire registry will be analysed and published in cooperation with all participating centres.

Here's the link to our current evaluation instance.


Prof. Herwig Strik,
Sozialstiftung Bamberg

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